I was surprised to find I only had a few shots here at Grand Fache I wanted to keep. This one of Picos Infiernos is borderline in terms of my standards and aims. It’s generic, without anything distinctive or especially interesting. Generic shots can be beautiful. I don’t think this is. It is however a good documentary shot of a significant Pyrenees mountain, possibly with the best outlook. If you climb Infiernos from Respomuso you cross the highest col of the entire GR11, then find yourself presented with a dark granite shape which is not very appealing. Down from the col and below Infiernos there’s a beautiful lake, but the looming summit can’t be framed attractively. Some mountains are like that. You see them best from a distance. Then I remembered the panorama shots I got at Grand Fache. I don’t often work in an elongated format but at Grand Fache it worked very well. Photographically, it’s those which excited me.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Infiernos

Monday November 3, 2014