Horquette d’Ossoue is the col between Oulettes de Gaube and the Baysellance refuge. I’d climbed up from the former making my way to the latter and decided to climb Le Petit Vignemale. It takes about an hour, and about forty five minutes to descend. The cloud on the left extends to Lac de Gaube beyond which is the town of Cauterets. I’d spent a day there resting, eating pizza and other decent food from the shops. I hitched a ride down from Pont d’Espagne with a chap who worked in the Marcadau valley, after I’d descended from Wallon. Beaucoup les genres en hiver, je dit, et l’homme a dit oui. Parce ce que la neige, je dit. Oui, il a dit. He said two years ago, I think it was, there was more snow at the Marcadau valley than there was in the Alps. Ten after this shot cloud started to gather on the right over the Ossoue valley. It thickened and when I reached the top of Petit Vignemale there was ten metre visibility. I stayed there thirty minutes hoping it would clear for photographs. When it got worse and visibility was reduced further I decided to get back down. The initial shots I got of this vie were the best of the day. This is relatively low on the climb.


Pyrenees Photography: Horquette d'Ossoue 1

Monday November 10, 2014