When I climbed the path from refuge Wallon one path became two. A young lady saw me from above and offered her assistance as we met a minute or two later. She spoke to me in French. I replied in French, something simple, I forget what. She proceeded in more French, completely indecipherable. Je suis Anglais, I said. Ah, pardon, and she explained I could take either path which led the same way. It’s easy, but don’t turn left to the Cambales lakes. I spent the night at refuge d’Ilheou she said, it’s a good place, and the man there is friendly. I planned to go there but a second conversation and the weather meant I changed my mind. A French chap said the route was boring. My lady adviser told me about a few lakes I’d encounter. Mmmmm, she said, perhaps not knowing English for pretty, beautiful, scenic. More likely she preferred French emotion to linguistic effort. C’est bon. Here it is, the first of the lakes you encounter on the walk from refuge Wallon to Ilheou or, if you prefer, the adventurous route down to Pont d’Espagne as opposed to the walk down the Marcadau valley.


Pyrenees Photography: Lac Nere

Tuesday November 11, 2014