I checked the route here with a pleasant French chap. He spoke less English than my French which is not exactly Proust. He asked me what I was doing and then if I was cold at night, and proceeded to tell me about the area. I knew what he told me but enjoyed the conversation, seeing it as a French lesson trying to pick out the meaning of his words. Thirty minutes later I saw him again. He was concerned and kindly when he saw the sunburn on my nose, offering me some cream. My plan was walk to refuge d’Ilheou then down to Cauterets. He advised the descent from d’Ilheou was boring. Mais le lac d’Ilheou, c’est jolie? Oui peut etre, mais pas de soleil. It was true. At this point actually there was remaining sun which means colour and interest. Shortly after, the clouds thickened and the scenery was dull. Lovely to be there, I thought to myself, but dull. I decided to cut down to Pont d’Espagne passing the Embarrat lakes.


Pyrenees Photography: Lac Pourtet

Thursday November 13, 2014