The view here down to the Embarrat lakes is rambling. There’s no particular focus or obvious frame for your camera. It’s a wonderful little area, but that doesn’t always translate photographically. I was watching the light carefully because it was appearing for a few minutes only. I’m pleased with this shot because thirty minutes later afternoon cloud filled the sky and dulled the view. Walk down this hillside and you eventually reach Pont d’Espagne where you find a huge car park and a cable car up to Lac de Gaube which I used two days later. Before you get to Pont d’Espagne there is however quite a long trek through the Marcadau valley. I wanted it to end because I was tired. At the same time however I marveled at the beauty of the valley. It’s very easy walking where you find children paddling in the rivers and families taking picnics. A lady was very interested in some irises. Les fleurs sauvages she said happily, seeking to share the discovery. Her son was using a telephoto lens to photograph a small patch of them. I told her a week ago I’d seen hillsides covered in irises when you walk from Lescun to Arlet. I’m obviously not going high enough, she said with a smile. Notice the light on the foreground rocks and the little stream. That’s what makes this picture. I used a relatively low shutter speed to capture the movement of the water. It’s a small area of dynamism within a static shot.


Pyrenees Photography: Lacs de l'Embarrat

Friday November 14, 2014