I ate at the Oulettes de Gaube refuge and planned to camp nearby. I lost my tent in thick darkness and mist and had to retreat to the refuge for a terrible night. I arrived there at perhaps five in the afternoon. It has a very photogenic outlook. What you see here is basically the view from the refuge. I watched the light, mist and cloud very carefully. During dinner and throughout the evening I went outside to take photographs. You can find different viewpoints here, some slightly better than others and include boulders and flowers in the foreground which you don’t often see. You mostly want the big dramatic shot and this is it, although as you see compared to other shots I’ve cropped this which emphasises sculptural details. Then because that is the point of it, I converted to black and white. It’s a very atmospheric place.


Pyrenees Photography: Evening Vignemale

Saturday November 15, 2014