I feel silly with photographs of me. Am I a mountain model, athlete, purveyor of fine outdoor wear? None of the above. It’s possibly interesting however seeing the photographer as opposed to the photographed view. It’s certainly interesting occasionally seeing a human figure in the mountains providing scale, focus, and humanity. The figure happens to be me. The shot works very well with someone standing on that rock. Without a figure the rocks would be overly important in the frame and with no reason.

There was a British party here, two couples sleeping at the refuge. We spoke of Scotland, the Pyrenees, and the route from Arremoulit to Larribet. In 2009 I chose instead the route to Respomuso and then Wallon. I thought I might go to Larribet this year but it’s supposedly quite rough, and I decided I would enjoy the former. I have done rough stuff in the Pyrenees which writer Ton Joosten describes as E for Extreme and correctly so. I didn’t like it. Every part of mountain walking becomes difficult. You stumble and clamber over rocks which are lethal if wet, there’s no path, navigation is difficult, you waste time getting lost, and you see few if any people. There’s a reason for that. It’s some achievement completing the GR10 or the rougher GR11 and HRP across the Pyrenees. In parts however, it means you walk places you probably wouldn’t visit if they weren’t part of the big route.


Pyrenees Photography: Hiker at Vignemale

Sunday November 16, 2014