When I was viewing my Vignemale photographs two or three seemed by far the best. This wasn’t one of them. I viewed again and worked this a little in Photoshop and realised it’s a good shot. I increased contrast, saturated the colours a little more, applied a neutral graduated filter, cropped it slightly, and here it is.

Even with a Sony A7R, with comparable quality to medium format film, there’s creative and important editing available in Photoshop. It’s always been this way. A film negative, 35 millimetre, medium format or otherwise, was the basis for your darkroom craft. Photographic process is a collection of variables malleable at every stage. When I crop into panoramic format the effect is reduced at my web site. This file is 85 mb. That means it makes for a print which is very high quality and potentially huge.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Le Vignemale Cloud

Tuesday November 18, 2014