I woke this morning at Baysellance to a cloud covered Ossoue valley and mists above. There was nothing to see and it was slightly cold. I was in no hurry to descend to the valley in such conditions. It started to clear a little. I watched the sun appear briefly then vanish again. Mist swirl up from below then dissolve. There’s no pattern to it, and it happens either way, but for the second time this year it became clearer above compared to below. Blue skies and Le Vignemale greeted me. The slopes below were gloomy. I sat outside my tent for this shot, drinking coffee. I framed it carefully with this amount of sky, that amount of land, the mountain carefully placed and the clouds at their best. The snow and ice at the top is the Vignemale glacier. You need crampons and possibly a rope and axe to cross it.

I’d met a British couple the evening before who were planning to do so. They were setting off early which meant sitting here at perhaps nine thirty, I wondered about their progress. Few people were camping here this year but the hut was cramped. There was a Spanish chap to the left of me packing up even later than I was. I saw him again at the Gavarnie camp site. It was his first time in the Pyrenees. He said the mountains were “amazing” and I agreed. I didn’t have his first time excitement, but a seasoned appreciation of these mountains.


Pyrenees Photography: Le Vignemale Cloud

Friday November 28, 2014