Ancient Greeks described three parts of rhetoric. There’s logos, which sets the scene and tells people why they should listen. Ethos is when you establish your knowledge and relate to the experience of your audience. Pathos builds an emotional connection. This is not directly related to photography and I don’t suggest it is. It concerns general communications however, of which photography is a part. I wonder sometimes why people like a photograph, others do not, what that consists of. Mountain photography is highly specialised. It has appeal for those who walk mountains as I do, but others too if they have artistic feelings.

I got a few shots here in 2009. The light this year was slightly better. In very dramatic light – say a mountain storm – this would be a superb location for a picture. You can visualise the possibilities. The detail on the rocky slopes is extraordinary when you see the TIF for this shot. I like the lighting effect top left where a small area is illuminated. The mid area shadow on the right is unfortunate. I’d prefer it wasn’t there. I waited here about fifteen minutes assessing the changing shadows watching for the best moment, and this was it. Because of rapidly changing light the idea of the perfect moment is not straightforward. When I say this was the best shot, I mean it was the best from several I took which I then assessed later. Up there in the distance to the right is the Baysellance refuge. Le Vignemale is on the left. It was attracting a lot of cloud as some peaks always do.


Pyrenees Photography: Ossoue Valley

Sunday November 30, 2014