When I was here in 2009 it reminded me of the Lake District. It felt like the end of a day walk and a soothing return to the valleys. I enjoyed coming down from the high mountains which I was finding a little grim. Up at Baysellance and Le Vignemale the skies were dark and gloomy. It was poignant looking back at it leaving both geography and experiences behind. I stopped for a thirty minute lunch an hour before here, savouring the memories across time. Five years had passed. When I reached this lovely pine scented area I wondered if I’d find a place where I’d taken a mental snapshot. I think I did. There was an overhanging tree above the path, and I saw only one of them.

That’s happened a few times. Last year it was very poignant making a descent down to Viados. I remembered such small moments. Where the path continues and I went wrong in 2009. Where I sat for lunch. A wooden bridge across a river. Where you leave a forest and cross a grassy field. A tree where I’d stopped to rest and did so again. I felt sad at the tree because my memories felt like a dream. No more than a dream.


Pyrenees Photography: Ossoue Valley Cloud

Tuesday December 2, 2014