I spent an hour walking here. I’d walked from Candanchu and arrived at Pombie around four in the afternoon. The largest lake is called Gentau. I camped beside it as I did in 2013 and 2009. There is another lake lower down which is what you see here. The day began grey and overcast. I planned on walking to Ayous, not bothering with Pombie, but when sunshine arrived and I saw the area again it was irresistible. Notice the triangle of cloud top left. It’s covering a lake. There’s a road there too which gives you access to this area if you’re lucky enough to live nearby. The GR10 goes down that way. It seems almost the opposite of the HRP in terms of concept and experience. The HRP stays high as much as possible. The GR10 traverses the low areas ensuring valley comforts for the evening. The GR11 is a little of both but in Spain not France. You find the best walking when you pick and choose from the three options. Last year was possibly my best trip ever. I started with the GR10, then mostly walked the GR11.


Pyrenees Mountains: Mid d'Ossau View

Saturday December 6, 2014