When you review a large collection of mountain photographs the dramatic pictures attract you. It’s a fact however that in well known places – here for example – thousands of people have taken the same shots as you. Not in the same light, and possibly with a compact camera or small sensor, which means it won’t have the same resolution, detail, colour, and dynamic range. Not that is if you’re using a full frame sensor at the top of the quality spectrum. There’s a shot of Midi d’Ossau on a well known Pyrenees book. It’s only a few inches square and for such a small image you don’t need high quality. These photographs exist however in very large quantities. That means a shot like this is distinct. I don’t think it’s better. We all want iconic blue sky viewpoints and I take those shots too. What you can say is a view such as this gives you a different feeling for Midi d’Ossau. I like the grey with the orange light and the textured clouds.


Pyrenees Mountains: Mid d'Ossau Grey

Monday December 8, 2014