This is a detail of Le Vignemale as evening sun played across the skyline. You also see the small glacier. I approached Le Vignemale from refuge Wallon in 2009, a few years ago walking from Cauterets, and this year I took the cable car and ski lift to Lac de Gaube and walked from there. The ski lift was unnerving but fun. If you can relax on the little seat it’s a very serene experience, gliding through the sky up the mountains. I didn’t entirely relax. I think you could slip and fall quite easily. Le Vignemale is very photogenic and I enjoy the Oulettes de Gaube refuge. Resting and sleeping here is however an uncomfortable experience: cold, austere, unsettling, seeing this dominating view. If a walker were on the top they would be a tiny indistinguishable dot. That gives you a sense of scale.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Le Vignemale Light

Wednesday December 10, 2014