This is looking inland, roughly east, from the Rhinogs. It’s a lovely gentle view. I always enjoy it and how it contrasts with the old craggy rock of the Rhinogs. Several times I’ve wondered about walking there. Wales is distinct whereby you can find places where almost no one walks. There are no guide books for those places because they focus, as with all parts of Britain, on obvious attractions. More so than the Lake District and Peak District you can find rough areas where wildness and solitude is apparent. Scotland is so large you find superb walking goes with quiet areas. You have obvious attractions and not many people. This is partly a matter of population. With large parts of Wales, and in most of the highlands particularly in the north, there are few people. You have to be very careful driving in Scotland. It would be easy to empty your petrol tank and find yourself stranded. Last year walking Great Gable there were literally hundreds of people doing the same. Walking Slioch a few years ago, a superb mountain on a sunny day, I saw three people. With this day in the Rhinogs I saw no one.


Mountains of Wales: Rhinog Views East

Tuesday December 16, 2014