This is the plateau of Rhinog Fach looking towards Rhinog Fawr. It’s a lovely grassy area giving respite from the craggy rock with a little winding path. The other side of this rocky outcrop the path drops steeply. There are wild goats here. They look fearsome when you see their twisted horns. They’re very timid however and take flight if they see or smell you. The Irish sea is at the top left of this view. The sands are at Harlech where there’s a fine castle. I met someone a few years ago, passionate about the Lake District, who spent a honeymoon travelling around the castles of Wales. It must be an astonishing prospect if you live in the youthful US, and the same with the antiquity and historic power of London. The castles don’t interest me very much. Around ten years I did however drive past a castle in south Wales which I enjoyed. It was isolated, on the coast, miles from the nearest town. The distant hill is Rhinog Fawr. Down the other side you find a lake called Llyn Du. I’ve camped there two or three times, walking from Cwm Bychan.


Mountains of Wales: Rhinog Fach to Fawr

Wednesday December 17, 2014