I much prefer Rhinog Fach to Rhinog Fawr. If you climb Fawr from Cwm Bychan in particular, you cross shattered craggy rock and heather. In places there’s barely any path. It’s not technically difficult but I find it mentally tiring and irritating. I like to stride out, walk free, amble, not clamber and struggle. You can do that here on the ridge of Rhinog Fach. It reminded me of Grassmoor in the Lake District. That wasn’t entirely logical because the summit plateau of Grassmoor is bigger and the landscape very different. It was about a feeling. I connected the expansive feeling at Rhinog Fach to the feeling I had at Grassmoor. Grassmoor sits at the edge of the big hills beyond which, on one side, you gaze across flat plains to Scotland. It’s a fine viewpoint. The same applies with the isolated Rhinogs. You have fields and the Arenigs one side, the sea the other.


Mountains of Wales: Rhinog Fach Slopes

Thursday December 18, 2014