The lake below is Lyn Hywell. The rounded hill in the distance is called Moelfre. The haze beyond is the sea. I haven’t walked Moelfre. It won’t be hugely different from this viewpoint at Rhinog Fach, or from Y Lethr which the slope leads up to. For that reason I’d like to walk it alone not as part of an extended route. I could start from Cwm Nantcol which you see below to the right. A wild camp would be a fine experience with evocative sea views. The area below Moelfre is a delight with profuse wild flowers, a waterfall, river, old trees and ancient glacial boulders. Moelfre represents quite an easy walk but a walk which is full of interest. At this point I’m dreaming about it. I will research if there’s a pool for drinking, bathing and cooking. Maybe for the spring.


Mountains of Wales: Rhinog Rock

Sunday December 21, 2014