It’s astonishingly beautiful here, a small area above the camp site at Cwm Nantcol. There’s a rough aspect to it which adds further interest. This makes it different to parts of the Lake District I can think of, where it’s like an ornamental garden. I met someone in Wales some years ago and we discussed this. “It’s too much” she said, referring to Lake District beauty. She preferred Snowdonia and had taken a year to wander and roam after a divorce. I think it wasn’t only the hills she was thinking of. Lake District towns can be very touristy but it’s possible to avoid them. Snowdonia beauty is different with a quality of wildness. The Lake District is about as perfect as you can get which makes it almost painterly. That’s Moelfre in the distance.


Mountain Photography: Moelfre and Waterfalls

Wednesday December 24, 2014