This is an easy view of Rhinog Fach from Cwm Nantcol. You don’t have to work to find it. There are two kinds of mountain photography. The first consists of casual snapshots with neither concern or knowledge of pictorial value. The second is what I do which involves thought and consideration. Leading lines, rule of thirds, dramatic focus, contrast, colour, scale and light are some of its features. As a walking photographer, which means someone who likes to walk and photograph doing so, this is sometimes a burden. I find myself looking at mountains with a sense of strain. You measure proportions with your eye, the balance, and both the immediate and likely changes of light.

Snapshot pictures have their place and may have greater narrative value. They say this is what I saw with no photographic artifice. There’s a kind of tension in a calculated photographic shot. I’m not undermining mountain photography, which stands on its own terms. What I’m doing is thinking about it. I like this shot. It’s a fine view of Rhinog Fach giving you some of its wider context.


Snowdonia Photography: Rhinog Fach

Saturday December 27, 2014