I saw the signpost to Cwm Nantcol some years ago. It’s at a fork in the road from the little village of Llanbedr. I assumed it was similar to Cwm Bychan which it isn’t. I discovered this valley in the spring of 2014. Discovery for me is quite rare in Snowdonia so it was a lovely experience. That’s Rhinog Fawr on the left, Rhinog Fach on the right. I’d be happy wandering here for a few hours, as part of a hot summer week. I like to hike and backpack, climbing the hills and camping wild. I also like to holiday in these places with a valley tent, lazy mornings, and decent meals. There’s lots to do here with good beaches a few miles away.


Snowdonia Photography: Cwm Nantcol

Sunday December 28, 2014