Another quiet winter moment. I wonder sometimes about the importance of such places. Snowdonia, the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales are not too far from here. It’s far enough however to mean hours of driving and when you arrive the walking is relatively formidable. Chorlton Meadows and similar nature reserves are as tame as a park. It’s silly to compare the experience. If you live in a city however and want to immerse yourself in nature for an hour or two, these places are a wonderful resource. You visit in spring, summer, autumn and winter and become familiar with flowers and trees. They’re a breathing space in the city. Beyond the walkers you find the River Mersey. The other side of the Mersey you find Kenworthy Woods, Sale Water Park, further woods and meadows. Beyond those you have the M62 motorway which unfortunately you always hear. I have two themes for my Chorlton Meadows project. The first is the beauty of the place with the light, grasses, flowers and trees. The second is the idea of people in nature and how insignificant we are.


Chorlton Meadows Couple and Path

Monday January 5, 2015