I’m going to be completely honest with this shot. I don’t mean I’m not normally honest. I mean, the focus will be my perceptions and relativity therein. The reason I do so is not because of personal doubt but because it’s the same for everyone. I like this shot. I took it casually not thinking about it any depth. Now I am. I like it, for the most simple and generic reasons. Shape, contour, colour, snow. In one respect it’s completely banal. In another respect, for me, it speaks of a path in a pleasing sculptural picture where I walked. The yellow light is the key to it. In purely visual terms all you have in a photograph is shape, colour or tone, texture, and graphics. What narrative dimension it may have (or documentary, political, social, or propaganda based) is not strictly attached to the image. Your attachment is not mine. When an image is glaringly (so called) political that raises another layer of complexity whereby your (so called) politics are not mine. I prefer to penetrate and challenge (so called) politics and the tribal stupidity it typically expresses. That’s quite complex. It rests on the fact that this shot may mean nothing to you.


Peak District Snow Path 2

Friday January 16, 2015