This is above Errwood Reservoir and below Foxlow Edge. The area probably has a name, but I don’t know what it is. I didn’t have much experience of autumn in 2014. This was the only significant walk I undertook. It was, however, exactly as I wanted full of reddish colours. I enjoy shots like this. It’s difficult to express because it’s in the context of my years of outdoor photography. There are big view drama shots, sculptural and panoramic mountain shots and tapestry shots – that’s the term I will use – such as this. The satisfaction lies with all the detail. You have to shape and control it – you can’t just snap it – and what you see here is a balanced composition with the path leading into it. There are three layers, near middle and far, a fourth and fifth if you include the small very far layer and the sky.


Above Errwood Reservoir

Monday January 19, 2015