Two of my favourite books are photographic illustrations of Thoreau. You see his ideas about walking, society, and (so called) politics. They’re beautifully bound with black textured cloth and inlaid photographs. The woodland photography is rich in detail, texture, and colour: a visual delight.

I would possibly say in strict photographic terms I prefer that style of work to mountain shots. Given that I’ve spent so much time, effort and money travelling to the Pyrenees, Scotland, Wales and Lake District and walking there – and love to do so – that’s a curious statement.

I’ve also walked quite extensively in the Peak District which is easier for me to reach. The skyline here is Foxlow Edge. After two or three visits these places are like a back garden to me. There’s a tree up there, old, twisted, gnarled, exposed, which I enjoy seeing when I visit. This is a tapestry shot, not a hill drama shot, characteristic of the Peak District.


Foxlow Edge: Peak District Tapestry

Tuesday January 20, 2015