These peat and grass moors are below Shining Tor. I first walked there many years ago, ten or more, then forgot about the walk and how you get there. It’s a short distance from the Cat and Fiddle pub, an isolated hostelry on the main road from Manchester to Buxton. That’s the walk I undertook. This time, autumn 2014, I walked up from the area below Foxlow Edge. It’s a delightful circuit dropping down into woodland, rising up into open moors, down and up to Shining Tor, then down this slope back to the start. This is not quite a tapestry shot, which is the term I use for some of my Peak District work. There’s not a great deal of detail. There is however a pleasing simple composition which testifies to my photographic eye. The moors here are not formally controlled. They’re a big open space where light and colour are the chief photographic component. There are occasional moments like this which you can arrange in a camera, but not many.


Peak District Moors

Wednesday January 21, 2015