It’s the light which makes this shot, illuminating the near slope and the sky while the rest of the view is in shadow. My theme for mountain photography is beauty. That’s also why I walk. I wonder sometimes if I should think differently, or vary my thinking, in consideration of other themes. Drama is another theme for example, or a zen like minimalism where you depict small details which can’t be identified as any particular location. This shot is moving towards that. There’s a quietness in such photographs and a different kind of beauty. You prompt, not thoughts and feelings associated with a certain place, but a poetic response which is more generic. One makes you think you’ve walked there, or you know the name of it even if you haven’t, while the other shot is artistically abstracted. I’m not sure which is the more faithful to the hill walking experience. A blend of both is possibly the answer.


Castle Crag View

Monday February 9, 2015