A few days ago I listened to a Berkeley College lecture. The professor was a geographer who spoke about landscape, landscape as theatre, and how this dates back several centuries. He made one point which stood out from over an hour’s talking. Identity, he said, is three dimensional. The more I think about it the more I think the point is literal. You cannot have an identity which isn’t tied in some way to place. It’s not materially literal because identity is an imaginative construct. It is imaginatively literal and no less important, no less powerful for being so.

I find the strictures and corruptions of society intolerable. Thoreau said we have lives of quiet desperation. I think increasing numbers of us have lives of quiet anger against the society where we find the lies and greed of banksters, belief people, politicians, corporations and shysters.

I walk the mountains to recover my identity. These places, such as here at Castle Crag, seep into the soul with healing effect. Back in the city I recall this moment in the Lake District and countless others in Snowdonia, the Peak District, Scotland, the Alps, Pyrenees, and agree that identity is three dimensional.


Castle Crag Rocks

Wednesday February 11, 2015