The little hamlet below is Rosthwaite. The valley is Borrowdale. There’s a lovely tea room down there with home made cake and a pleasant view back towards Castle Crag. A short distance from the tea room there’s accommodation where I stayed some years ago before I started camping. Down the road slightly you turn left to reach the smaller hamlet of Stonethwaite. I’ve stayed there too, three of four times. You can set off for the hills at Stonethwaite to reach both Grasmere and the Langdale Pikes. Further down the valley you have Seatoller, at the foot of the Honister Pass which leads over to Buttermere. Honistor Pass is sometimes closed in winter. With snow and ice it becomes dangerous. Perhaps ten years ago, I was staying at Boot in Eskdale and heard there was a section of snow and ice at the bottom which easily be cleared if someone made the effort. No one did so the steep road was officially closed. My host at the bed and breakfast told me this. He usually went to Scotland for an early season break. I have lots of stories about the Lake District.


Castle Crag to Rosthwaite

Thursday February 12, 2015