There’s something attractive about shots like this. It’s flat, muted, tells you nothing, makes no claims. I’m slightly wary about such shots however, because I used to take them when I was studying photography at school. I went for a walk across fields in agricultural Kent. I took flat, muted shots using Ilford FP4. I built a darkroom at home. Or rather, equipped a tiny spare room, with an angled roof, for photography. I used black bin liner to lightproof the door, and carried the trays of chemicals to and from the bathroom. When I was choosing my school subjects, at age fourteen I think, I decided on photography for fun. I was planning for this, planning for that, not yet thinking of university but that came four years later. I had no plans to pursue photography but found it interesting. As it transpired, no photography class was available and I was the only person who wanted to do it. Take art, my school said, and you can do your photography with Mr Fincham in his art class. He was a strange character, like all the art teachers, planning on a PhD because of the momentum he said, or words to that effect. His previous degree was in philosophy. I’m not suggesting there’s a narrative here which traces into the present. Regardless, it does appear like an emerging photograph in a darkroom.


Snowy Castle Crag

Friday February 13, 2015