Many years ago it was a grey day which meant I wasn’t interesting in walking. I find it slightly depressing when there’s neither light nor colour. That’s how I feel and it parallels my photography. I decided to have a drive and went along the Newlands valley road over to Buttermere. It’s down here below. I stopped at a parking area where I saw a waterfall. A coach arrived and for ten minutes he didn’t turn off the engine while tourists took a break. It’s as if they want to feel on the move and noise and vibration does that like caffeine. I nearly asked him to stop. He was oblivious so I had to formulate an argument. There’s no need. This is the countryside. It’s peaceful here not a city street. I expected confrontation. I decided to walk.

I didn’t know where the path led as I climbed higher beyond the waterfall. It was fun to discover myself high above Buttermere where I’d never walked. I searched the map and found the name of the anonymous feeling fell. No one was there. It’s not a place you would expect anyone. I remembered a summer trip where I’d stayed at the guest house I could see below. Idyllic sunburnt days. I found a stream above the waterfall and stayed there thirty minutes for better light, exploring the composition. Quiet views toward Ard Craggs. Slightly left, l knew Grasmoor was not far away. The Lake District for me is saturated with memories.


Maiden Moor to Newlands Valley

Thursday April 2, 2015