I’ve walked up here at Maiden Moor perhaps five times. The first time was similarly snowy. The last time, a few years ago, was in arctic conditions. There was calf and thigh deep snow and a howling wind with a minus fifteen degree chill. I think it was about thirty miles an hour. I didn’t stay there long. I’d set off from below Catbells, got to around this point, and decided I had to go back the safest way possible. I asked another walker where she’d come from and ascertained she’d used the track from Grange. I shouted and she couldn’t hear me. I gestured I wanted her attention and we walked closer. It was icy, she said, and she had crampons whereas I did not. The receding hills you see are Robinson, Hindscarth, and Causey Pike. The Newlands Valley is below. It’s a small area but very pretty. You can climb Causey Pike as part of a very fine circuit.


Maiden Moor Snow to Newlands Valley

Wednesday February 18, 2015