With my Sony A7R I can cut a third or half of a frame and maintain a high quality file. This is a 60 mb TIF. The complete file on an A7R exceeds my requirement of book and exhibition quality. I often say to people what do you do with your photographs. If you only post them on the internet I recommend a compact camera. There’s a technical disadvantage in terms of ISO performance and dynamic range but to some extent you can remedy that in Photoshop. You won’t benefit from better quality but you will pay for it in terms of money and weight.

The A7R is reputedly the same quality as medium format film. Joe Cornish said that. Given the size of it, that makes it a remarkable camera and shows the direction of the future. Sony are leading the way and Nikon and Canon are now handicapped with their traditional background. You don’t need the mirror mechanism of a traditional SLR with its size, weight, complexity, and technical obstructions. I sometimes make use of zoom range shots taken on my Sony RX100 which I otherwise use for video. If the conditions aren’t challenging it produces a very acceptable file.


Maiden Moor Panorama

Tuesday February 24, 2015