There’s something craftsmanlike about black and white photography. A colour shot reproduces what we see and experience. Black and white translates it into a different medium with the stamp of artistry. You say, this is me with my vision, which is not as you find in reality. The same applies with colour photography, but it’s not so pronounced. I wonder sometimes if we’d never had black and white photography, how it would be understood today. Imagine a new Photoshop technique no one had seen before. The black and white conversion. It would provoke theorists into speculation about reality, perception, false reality, simulated reality. Because of photographic history this never happens. A black and white picture is nostalgic. It has a greater aura, you might say, which is the term Walter Benjamin used in relation to mass produced art. Aura is a sign of distinction. There’s an interest layer to monochrome which colour photography lacks. We can theorise and discuss it. I find however, for most of the time, colour is a better medium for the hills.


Maiden Moor Monochrome

Tuesday March 3, 2015