I have a few photographs which are quite similar. The artistic and editing process involves me or you making final decisions. I like this one, that one, or another. This is not objective however, any more than musical taste is objective. My own photographic tastes change. One day, week or year I like this shot. I look again and like another. I’m fully aware how saturated photographic practice is, and how that links to commercial markets. A thousand shots of Helvellyn. Five thousand shots of Scafell Pike. Ten thousand of Great Gable, Snowdon, Ben Nevis. It’s all there on the internet, tourist postcards, gift cards, books. There’s no answer to this. It is possible to use a certain style which is slightly different. High key and abstract shots, filtered sky moody shots, or quirky shots with the shock of some metal or concrete in Scotland. If you do that however, you lose the opportunity for a simple picture of classical beauty. My Manchester Wild Flowers project is where I have a different approach. The context is not nature but, very often, the horrors of the city: in which wild flowers grow. When I walk the hills it’s the opposite.


Lake District: Rocks, Grass, Maiden Moor

Thursday March 5, 2015