Some places are good for walking but are not photogenic. It’s an interesting point to understand and teach. You have to see as the camera sees, not be fooled by your feelings. You enjoy your snowy walk and feel good. Everywhere looks beautiful. Snap – and the photograph disappoints when you get back home. It doesn’t capture the feeling. There’s a language of photography you have to understand. It is possible to convey feeling, but through that particular language. There are photogenic places here at Lyme Park but it depends on the conditions. I always stop at this place to consider the trees. Not by design, but because the potential strikes me when I see it. The same happens in the Lake District, Snowdonia, Scotland, and even the Pyrenees. I stop at exactly the same places. I have other shots of these trees but never bothered with them. This one is worthwhile with snow, good light, and bare trees which makes it graphic.


Lyme Park Snow Trees

Saturday March 14, 2015