I’d had tea at the Borrowdale Gates Hotel after walking High Spy, Maiden Moor and Catbells. It’s an expensive and luxurious place with a wonderful view from the lounge. I stood up to enjoy the view and Skiddaw and Blencathra were glowing pink in the distance. I finished my tea quickly and sped up the road above Derwentwater for photographs. I missed the best of it. This was the next day, when I anticipated it may happen again. The effect wasn’t as fine, but good enough.

Blencathra is a small hill you climb easily in a few hours. It’s not very distinctive or interesting, and there’s not much feeling of wildness. You hear the road below in one direction, and see the town of Keswick in another. It’s a fine walk however, if you don’t have a full day. It’s also referred to as Saddleback. I prefer the lovely name Blencathra. That’s Derwentwater below and Keswick behind. Skiddaw is to the left.

There’s a camp site up the hill to the right of Keswick. I stayed there once, many years ago, and it discouraged me greatly because of loud snoring. After staying once at a guest house in Grange I was tired after breakfast and had a nap beside the lake. Did you sleep there, a woman asked me happily, enjoying the idea of it.


Blencathra Evening

Sunday March 15, 2015