I’ve been looking through my archives and finding some gems. Pictures I didn’t bother with because they didn’t fit my ideas. I could select ten photographs and describe why I like them and what they represent. I could select another ten, this one for example, and explain why they didn’t fit my ideas and why those ideas were limited.

I could see the potential of this shot but felt it was unrealised. Some photographers talk about pre-visualisation. All it means is you have an idea of the shapes, light and colours you want. Sometimes you find them, sometimes you don’t, other times you should reconsider your ideas. This involves long term creativity, not snapshots you finish with. This walk was about ten years ago. I was returning after climbing Great Gable from Seathwaite. The location is Green Gable. The distant hills are Skiddaw and Blencathra.

When I first walked the Lake District I did so casually. I paid more attention and realised the more I did it the more I enjoyed it. I wrote short reports about my trips, determined not to forget them. Many walking years pass and you can’t recall the walks. You can however remember little moments, spliced with your feelings. One summer I was coming back here and felt so inspired I climbed a rocky hill for the views. It wasn’t necessary because the path runs along the bottom. I felt strong. The same happened another summer walking the Corridor Route. I surprised myself with the power I had to climb fast. That was partly about leg strength, partly a rush of joy because of the beautiful day.

On this occasion I was tired. It was one of those days you want to finish. There were two or three hours more and I was having battery problems. They were cold and stopped working. I put them in a trouser pocket to warm, they worked for five minutes and died again. I was fed up fumbling with batteries in the cold, frustrated because the light was fading, and tired. The light was there for a few minutes only.


Lake District Photography: Sun and Snow

Friday March 27, 2015