I saw no one. The sun set an hour after this, after I’d reached Scafell Pike and was preparing to descend. I’d never experienced such darkness when I entered the clouds again. It was like walking through black ink. Quite unnerving. I told myself if anything or anyone jumped at me I would be supercharged with adrenalin and ready for it. It was also very depressing because the skies above were clear. In the pub that evening I heard there were accidents in the valley because it was so dark and misty. This is looking towards Scotland. Slightly to the right, in other shots, you see Grasmoor peeping above the sea cloud.

Back at home I expected to see stories and photographs in the news. I checked the BBC and local press. I read the usual nonsense. People fighting, killing each other, chasing money, arguing about beliefs, stories of vacuous famous people and who won at football. No mention of the astonishing cloud inversion covering the Lake District.

There was no one else at the summit of Scafell Pike in the autumn afternoon. A very rare occurrence. I assume it was because of valley gloom. It was a primal day. Inky blackness and what seems like the beginning of the world.


Lake District Photography: Pillar

Saturday March 28, 2015