One of the first snowy walks I experienced was along this plateau which is Maiden Moor. I’d climbed up from the Newlands valley which is below. I wasn’t prepared for it. I had almost no food, no head torch, and no crampons. When I saw the snow covered fells I found it irresistible. I went further, up to Dale Head, and down Robinson and Hindscarth in darkness. Fortunately there wasn’t too much ice and there was a near full moon. The roads were like an ice rink. When you walk conditions like that you are physically very tense. You hold yourself tight to block bodily momentum. In your arms, legs, shoulders, neck, back.

I’ve done that a few times. I don’t plan on a big walk but when I see a spectacular view, snow covered or otherwise, that’s my priority. Fortunately I got down safely. On other occasions I might try a shortcut. That’s fairly easy in the Lake District but not in the Pyrenees. Don’t try the shortcut down to the Espuguettes hut from Pimene. Stay on the path. The clumpy ground is treacherous and takes longer.


Lake District Photography: Hindscarth and Robinson

Wednesday April 1, 2015