I’ve started to specialise in panorama photography as a particular interest. This is largely because of the capability of my Sony A7R. It has a panorama function and the files are high quality. I’ve made panoramas before using stitching software and Photoshop and it’s quite laborious. As with every format you need a good eye for it when you’re walking. A few times I considered buying a tilt and shift lens to produce panoramas but they’re expensive and clumsy. Psychologically and optically the panorama format is closest to the human mountain view. That gives it a particular power.

This was a superb day comparable to one of my best in April 2013. The conditions were snowy and cold as here. I slept at a Buttermere camp site with a minus two chill at night. I walked Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag with views to Grasmoor, Dale Head, Fleetwith Pike, Great Gable, the Scafells and Pillar. Dale Head is here to the left, out of frame. The fells in front are Hindscarth, Robinson, and Causey Pike. For this trip, early 2015, I slept at a Keswick guest house.

Few people were here this day. I did however meet and talk with a couple who lived near to me. You couldn’t see the paths on the snowy hillside. We consulted each other a few times as regards where to go. I wasn’t paying much attention because it seemed easy terrain. They were plotting their way carefully. I followed their path at one stage and realised, looking back, if I’d continued climbing as I felt it would have been difficult. The snow was waist high or higher. Nearer the top I remembered being there before and advised them accordingly. I don’t always have a plan or follow a plan. I’m impulsive when I walk the hills.


Maiden Moor Newlands Valley 2

Friday April 3, 2015