There’s something beautiful about a good panorama. It corresponds to human vision and that’s part of it. We climb mountains vertically and enjoy them horizontally. There’s nothing I like better than a grassy plateau or ridge. There are a few of them in the Lake District. This one, Maiden Moor leading to Dale Head and Catbells in the other direction, is not actually the best. I like Grasmoor, Pillar, the Seathwaite route up to Great Gable, and the hills above Buttermere. These views are very fine. The other side you find Derwentwater, Blencathra and the Dodds, and it’s less interesting.

There was a side light accentuating the texture of the hillsides and very little haze. Later in the afternoon the sunlight had a pink hue. Winter used to excite me. If there was snow in the hills I’d try to be there. One year I thought it was worth looking forward to, and doing so redeemed the gloomy months. Dark at four again, the end of another year, but snow to come. We’ve had good snow the last few years. This winter, 2014 to 2015, was particularly good. Plenty in the hills, little on the roads, none in the city.


Maiden Moor Newlands Valley 4

Sunday April 5, 2015