It occurs to me the format of a photograph might be an interior design decision. You might like the idea of a large panorama on your wall. I have two versions of this shot. This is the panorama, the other has conventional dimensions. I like them both.

I have a few of my photographs framed on my walls. Over my bed I have a cloud inversion from Lingmell, looking towards Great Gable. A stunning day. In my hallway I have a shot of a pool at High Gait Crags looking towards Bowfell with astonishing light.

I like this one very much and may use it for myself. Another from Moel Siabod in Wales looking towards Snowdon. The Pyrenees are more spectacular than British mountains, even Scotland – and I have a superb few of those. An Teallach for example.

I feel more connection with British hills for obvious reasons. It’s partly about closeness, connection with place. Much as I love the Pyrenees, they’re very distant. It’s partly too about the dramatic beauty. Whether you know the place or not, you engage with the photograph.


Maiden Moor Newlands Valley 8

Thursday April 9, 2015