Some years ago I was in Scotland the time of a so called royal wedding. I wish I could avoid the UK election. It’s more pervasive and enduring but no less hysterical. Like an argument about which football team you support. This seems pertinent. “I have just been working on a play of (Samuel) Beckett and the same question is always asked. Is he pessimistic, is he optimistic, should we be pessimistic, should we be optimistic today? And, you see, these are all politicians’ lies…the third attitude is extraordinarily difficult because it means opening oneself to what is intolerable in human existence and what…is radiant in human existence – simultaneously.” Peter Brook says that in a book about Shakespeare.

Everything one says about this subject provokes a reaction one doesn’t want to engage with. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone says the others are wrong. Every politician lies. The system is incredibly stupid. The only answer is retreat. The silence of the hills is important. What is not there. A third space, perhaps. I gaze out my window and see bricks, cars, house signs, recycle bins, window blinds, a discarded car seat in a back yard. Two police cars drove past an hour ago. My phone rings twice. My answer phone collects recorded message special offer lies then inquiries from a friend. I pick up. I delete the lies, something about energy saving windows.


Derwentwater Marshes Panorama

Friday April 10, 2015