There’s nothing new for me in the Lake District because I’ve walked there so often. Scotland is another matter. I could walk there for ten years and still have lots to explore. I’m also familiar with Snowdonia but occasionally find new places. This is one of them, the hillside leading up to Moelfre looking across to Rhinog Fach and Fawr.

Moelfre is a small but delightful hill to climb with sea views in one direction and this in the other. Beyond the Rhinogs you find the Arenig hills, which is a view I always enjoy. You can see them peeping through in the distance. I was camping in the Cwm Nantcol valley. I was surprised it was such a fine little hill. It’s tempting from below as a separate outpost, connected to the nearby hills but distinct.

I’d like to walk here for two days with a wild camp at Llyn Hywell. Start from Cwm Nantcol, climb Rhinog Fach, then drop down to the lake for the pitch. It could be done for a long summer day but I like to extend the prospects if there’s a good place for a camp. Start at leisure, walk and photograph, eat and sleep and dream and wake.


Rhinog Fach and Fawr

Tuesday April 14, 2015