The view here from the small hill of Moelfre is delightful. I made video here, last year from the Rhinogs, pronouncing the Welsh name as meerl-free. It seemed reasonable. It’s reasonable however according to English not Welsh linguistics.

I had dinner a few hours after this at a pub in Cwm Nantcol. Beetroot and goat cheese pie, salad, chips, the same as last year. The same young chap served and spoke with me. I told him I’d got lost coming back down. My descent was different, not itself a problem, but the roads were. I wasn’t familiar with them, had no map, became confused, and added about two exhausting hours.

I had no food with me either. The plan was a ramble of a few hours not a decent half day trek. I had to stop, rest and eat before I could manage the further climb up Cwm Nantcol to the camp site. Lucky it’s not raining, the chap said. How do you pronounce it? Mel-vree, he said.


Snowdonia Photography: Rhinog Panorama

Wednesday April 15, 2015