grande fache panorama

I climbed Grande Fache in 2009 on my first backpacking trip in the Pyrenees. I didn’t expect to enjoy it particularly in 2014. It was one of the highlights of the trip. I walked much the same as I did in 2009 starting at Lescun and finishing at Gavarnie. Every year is different in terms of scenery and who you meet. In 2009 I sat at dinner with an Italian party. We met at refuge Ayous, again at Pombie, and a third time at Arremoulit.

Last year I met a delightful party of Canadians, after breakfast at Candanchu. We spoke a little, met again at Ayous, Pombie, Arremoulit, Respomuso, and Wallon. Socially, it was the best of my seven Pyrenees trips. The ladies were too tired to climb Grande Fache, which is extra effort on the route from Respomuso to Wallon. I hadn’t planned to climb it in 2009, and didn’t notice the opportunity in the guide book. I caught up with a couple I’d met near Respomuso. We talked and walked together. They were however much faster than me so there wasn’t much of it.


Pyrenees Panorama 1

Sunday April 19, 2015