Grande Fache is not a difficult climb. There are a few summits like that in the Pyrenees. Le Taillon above the Sarradets refuge for example, Pimene above Gavarnie, and Le Petit Vignemale above Baysellance. They’re all worth doing. I missed climbing Picos Infiernos in 2013 because I was too tired. It was a dreadful day, one of my worst. This one at Grande Fache was one of my best. I didn’t expect any exhilaration for a second visit. It was possibly better in 2014 than it was in 2009. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I was more sensitised to photographic opportunity. The views were stunning and furthermore, I was composing panorama shots which I didn’t in 2009.


Pyrenees Panorama 2

Monday April 20, 2015