This is the evening view I saw in 2013 of Midi d’Ossau. It was my second time here and a great joy. I nearly missed it. The day before I was so tired, stressed and lacking in food I nearly collapsed at the airport and missed my flight. I was sent to hospital when I should have been arriving in France. The problem was the appallingly early flight.

I telephoned the airline and they weren’t helpful. Quite by chance I spoke with the airline help desk in the afternoon. I asked where to collect my rucksack. One of them recognised me from the morning. The manageress offered me a replacement flight the next day and personal assistance. She escorted me through the airport avoiding the queues. It was early again. I felt slightly ill but didn’t have to battle the crowds.

This was the evening of the first day. I nearly skipped the day thinking I’d reduce some of the walking, and wouldn’t miss a great deal because I’d seen Midi dOssau. It was a superb walk starting at Borce in the Aspe valley and following a GR10 path above a ravine, through a forest, and up a valley to a final steep climb.

I came here a third time in 2014, camping beside this lake, and enjoyed it again. I nearly didn’t bother. My plan was walk from Candanchu to Pombie with no overnight camp at Ayous. I saw the superb view at Col des Moines, the day had brightened, and I wanted to sleep here again.

You want to keep walking in the Pyrenees and see as much as possible. The area is vast and the attractions never ending. It’s an area for journeys. There are many places however where it’s wonderful to rest, linger, and return to repeatedly.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Midi d'Ossau Panorama

Saturday May 9, 2015