This is one my favourite places anywhere. The village of Lescun is to the left, Pic d’Anie is back and to the right and this road eventually leads to Lac du Lhers. I stayed in Lescun for ten days in 2007. I went in the autumn to avoid summer crowds at a hostel. It was moderately disastrous. With the exception of one day the weather was misty, damp, rainy and devoid of sunshine. I walked the little streets. I took a little stroll here, there, and back again. I went to the shop. I read anything interesting I could find in the hostel. I couldn’t say exactly what I did to fill those days and actually being there, and trying to fill them, was worse.

I’ve been to Lescun on two occasions since, in 2009 and 2014. It’s a good starting place for the High Level Route which is what I did on both occasions. In 2014 I had two nights at the Lescun camp site to enjoy the valley. In 2009 I set off the next morning. You can’t see the camp site in this shot but it’s down below in that area.

This view is towards the High Level Route. You walk up to Col de Pau and then to refuge Arlet. That skyline shows the direction for Col de Pau in the centre. You walk up a road, continue through a forest, up a hillside, reach the col, follow a path across the hillside, turn a corner, see poignant views to Pic du Midi d’Ossau, and head towards Pic Rouge. I like to recreate the Pyrenees in my imagination.


Lescun in the Pyrenees

Monday June 8, 2015